Event FAQ
Open House Online FAQ

What is the Open House Online?

Alliance Game Distributors’ annual Open House Event, which was initially cancelled due to the Corona virus pandemic, is going virtual. The event will be comprised of keynote speakers, manufacturer presentations, a virtual exhibit hall, giveaways, and digital demo events. Most Exhibitor presentations will run on YouTube and will allow for chat and Q&A interaction between presenters and retailers. Open House Online has created a Discord server which will host all events including the virtual exhibit hall.

When is Open House Online?

Alliance will host the digitally formatted business to business event, Open House Online, September 30 – October 1, 2020. A New Store track has been added on Day 0 of the show, September 29, 2020. If your store opened within the last 6-12 months, please select YES when answering the last question of our registration module to be invited to the New Store seminars. 

How do I register?

Online Registration - Retailers can register online by logging into their Alliance account through the Retailer-Services website. Click the yellow banner at the top of the homepage to launch the registration form. You may make changes to your registration information up until the September 18th deadline.

How much does it cost to attend?

Open House Online is FREE to retailers!

What if I have multiple locations or employees that want to attend?

Retailers only need to register one (1) store and email address to receive the participation link to our private Discord server. Once the store has the invite link, they can share it among their other store locations or employees to gain access to the server. Multiple employees can join the server under their own usernames if they have the invitation link.

Where is the event schedule?

Customers can view our Open House schedule by visiting the "Event Schedule" tab on the left menu bar of the Open House website. 

What vendors are exhibiting?

The entire exhibitor list is too long to fit here - please visit the “Our Sponsors” tab on the left menu bar of the Open House website. 

Not familiar with Discord? 

Visit our help tips article to navigating Discord by visiting the "Discord Server" tab on the left menu bar of the Open House website. 

Will Open House Online offer Show Specials?

Yes! Please view the full list by visiting the "Show Specials" tab on the left menu bar. Retailers must register and attend Open House Online in order to take advantage of the 2020 show specials.