Event FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Open House?

The Open House is Alliance Game Distributor’s annual trade show held at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This year the Open House is scheduled for the weekend of September 5-7, 2024. Since the this is a closed gaming-industry event, only Alliance Game Distributor customers are invited to attend. This event provides an unique opportunity for retail store owners, manufacturers, and vendor partners to network and interact among peers in the industry we all know and love.

Why Fort Wayne, Indiana?

Alliance’s Midwest warehouse located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the most centrally located in the United States. Our partnership the Grand Wayne Convention Center is unlike any other Alliance has worked with, and their customer service cannot be surpassed.

Who attends?

Hundreds of retailers! Over 75 vendors! 

How do I register?

Online Registration - Retailers can register online by logging into their Alliance account through the Retailer-Services website. Look for our 25th Anniversary logo "Register Now" graphic. Retailers can register up to 4 employees; registration is $90.00/per person. The deadline to register is July 26.

How much does it cost to attend?

Pre-registered attendees are $90.00 each. We strongly encourage customers to pre-register for the show. Walk-ins are welcome, but each walk-in attendee will be charged a $110.00 registration fee.

Where is the event schedule?

Customers can view our Open House schedule by visiting the "Event Schedule" tab on the left menu bar of the Open House website. 

Will my Alliance Account Rep be there? 

They might be! Not all account reps are able to attend the Alliance Open House. However, all of the Alliance Midwest staff along with our sales managers and vice presidents will be in attendance.

What vendors are exhibiting? 

The entire exhibitor list is too long to fit here - please visit the “Sponsors” tab on the left menu bar of the Open House website. 

What can I expect at the Demo Nights?

Our vendors are set up at assigned tables and run 10-15 minute demos.

We've gamified Demo Night! We have a passport program that encourages you to see as many vendors as possible. Vendors are separated into different colored areas of the room. Each color represents a section on your passport. You will earn a sticker for each game you demo. Stickers can then be exchanged for raffle tickets. We will raffle off amazing prizes at Lunch (12:30-2:00p) on Saturday!

What can I expect at the Exhibit Hall?

Sponsors will be waiting at their booths to show off their games and talk one-on-one!

What is a Focus Group?

Retailers are assigned a color (which will be indicated on the badge given at registration) and split into three (3) groups. Retailers are then rotated through three (3) presentations by three (3) different sponsors. Each presentation is 25 minutes long. This is a great opportunity for smaller group conversations with our Open House sponsors. 

What is a Special Event?

Special Events are sponsored events hosted by sponsor looking to showcase and a demo new game. Retailers can expect to learn more about the selling opportunities and experience a hands-on playing through. Most vendors will host raffles that allow participating retailers to receive shopping credits or demo copies. 

What is a Retailer Roundtable?

Retailers are welcome to sit together with peers and dicuss the topics provided by fellow retailers. This is a great way to exchange new ideas and best practices.