Show Specials
2020 Show Specials


Register for the 2020 Open House Online event by September 18th in order to take advantage of the event show specials! Register now on the Retailer Services website

Only participating retailers will be able to take advantage of these special offers. Most specialty item codes will not be available online, so please contact your Alliance Account Representative to take advantage of these offers. 

Buy $250 of Amigo Kids and/or Family games receive 6x Dealt! (AGI 20013OH20) for free

Eligible titles for purchase are Cake Off (AGI 18001), CLACK! (AGI 18002), Engine Engine No. 9 (AGI 18005), Fruit Punch (AGI 18006), Deja Vu (AGI 18409), Double Down (AGI 18410), Escape from the Hidden Castle (AGI 18411), Take 5/Take a Number Bonus Pack/ 6 Nimmt/X Nimmt (AGI 18415), X-Code (AGI 19416), Bear Down! (AGI 20422), Polar Panic! (AGI 20421), None of a Kind (AGI 20015), and Playin' Possum (AGI 20014)

Buy 5x Air, Land & Sea (AWG AW03AS), receive 1x Air, Land & Sea OPEN HOUSE 2020 PROMO (AWG AW03ASOH20) free!

Take an additional 5% off these titles:

Onitama (AWG DTE02ONOH20)
Goodcritters (AWG DTE07GCOH20)
Dragonscales (AWG DTE08DSOH20)
Smartphone Inc (AWG DTE09SPOH20)

Buy 3x Silver (BEZ SLVA), 3x Silver: Bullet (BEZ SLVB), and 3x Silver: Coin (BEZ SLVC) and receive 1x Silver, 1x Silver: Bullet, 1x Silver: Coin and a double-sided popup display for free!

Take an additonal 5% off the following products:

Unexploded Cow Deluxe Edition (CAG 201OH20)
Tak: A Beautiful Game University Edition (CAG 245OH20)


Buy 6x Station Master (CLP 139OH20), receive 5% off your cost and 1x Station Master Deluxe (CLP 140OH20) free!

Take an additional 5% off the following products:

New York Zoo (CSG FS1004OH20, Preorder)
Irish Gauge (CSG IR101OH20)
Ride the Rails (CSG IR201OH20)
Maracaibo (CSG MCBO101OH20)
Renature (CSG SC2150OH20)

Buy two each (2x) of the following six (6) titles and receive 5% off and a free display (DVG DSDISPLAYPR)! 

Deckscape: Test Time (DVG 4474PR)
Deckscape: The Fate of London (DVG 4478PR)
Deckscape: Heist in Venice (DVG 5700PR)
Deckscape: The Mystery of Eldorado (DVG 5702PR)
Deckscape: Behind the Curtain (DVG 5704PR)
Deckscape: The Curse of the Sphinx (DVG 5710PR)

Buy 2x Cosmic Colonies (FGG CC01), 2x Sagrada (FGG SA01), and 2x Bosk (FGG BK01) and receive 2x Sagrada: Passion Expansion OPEN HOUSE 2020 PROMO (FGG SA03OH20) for free!

Take an additional 10% off the following products:

Folklore: The Affliction (GNE FL31OH20)
Folklore: The Affliction - Dark Tale (GNE FL32OH20)
Folklore: The Affliction - Equipment Pack (GNE FL39OH20)
Folklore: The Affliction - Tracker Card Pack (GNE FL41OH20)

Buy 1x Sentinels of the Multiverse: Enhanced Core Game 2nd Edition (GTG SOTM-ECOR) and receive 1x Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City & Infernal Relics Expansion (GTG STOM-RCIROH20), 1x Sentinels of the Multiverse: Shattered Timelines and Wrath of the Cosmos Expansion (GTG SOTM-STWCOH20), and 1x Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon Expansion (GTG SOTM-OBLVOH20) for free!

Take an additional 5% off the following product:

Trogdor! - The Board Game (GTG TROG-COREOH20)

Buy 1x Fog of Love (HHP 0000), 1x Fog of Love: It Will Never Last Expansion (HHP 0002), 1x Fog of Love: Paranormal Romance Expansion (HHP 0003), and 1x Fog of Love: Trouble with the In-laws Expansion (HHP 0004) for $85 MSRP (HHP BUNDLE1OH20, Regularly $95 MSRP)!
Buy 2x Fog of Love (HHP 0000), 2x Fog of Love: Female Cover (HHP 0007), and 2x Fog of Love: Male Cover (HHP 0008) and get 5% off MSRP (HHP BUNDLE2OH20)!

Take an additional 10% off the following products:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Change is Constant (IDW 01680OH20)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: City Fall (IDW 01682OH20)
Batman The Animated Series: Shadow of the Bat (IDW 01932OH20, Preorder)
Batman The Animated Series: Arkham Asylum Expansion (IDW 01934OH20, Preorder)

Buy 6x Master Word (IEL 00103), receive 1x Master Word Demo OPEN HOUSE 2020 PROMO (IEL 00103DEMOH20) free! Retailers will fill out a signup form and demo copy will be shipped from IELLO.

Buy 11x Crazy Tower (LUM CRZ01EN), receive 1x Crazy Tower OPEN HOUSE 2020 PROMO (LUM CRZ01ENOH20) for free!
Buy 7x of Similo: Fables (LUM HG026), Similo: History (LUM HG027), or 7x Similo: Myths (LUM HG030) receive a correspdoning 1x Similo: Fables OPEN HOUSE 2020 PROMO (LUM HG026OH20), 1x Similo: History OPEN HOUSE 2020 PROMO (LUM HG027OH20), or  1x Similo: Myths OPEN HOUSE 2020 PROMO (LUM HG030OH20) for free!

Buy Viceroy Bundle OPEN HOUSE 2020 PROMO (MDG 4224-EXPOH20)(includes 2x Viceroy (MDG 4224), 2x Viceroy: Times of Darkness Expansion (MDG 4224D), and 2x additional scorepads) and get 5% off MSRP!

Take an additional 80% off the following product:

Poetry Slam (MDG 4238OH20)

Pre-order 5x Red Outpost (MDG SKS-0314), receive 1x Red Outpost OPEN HOUSE 2020 PROMO (MDG SKS-0314OH20) free!

Take an additional 5% off the following products:

No Thank You Evil! RPG (MKG 074OH20)
No Thank You Evil! RPG: Uh-Oh Monsters! (MKG 101OH20)
No Thank You Evil! RPG: I`m a Guide (MKG 148OH20)
No Thank You Evil! RPG: It`s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs (MKG 196OH20)

Buy 1x Numenera RPG: Discovery and Destiny Slipcover (MKG 176), get 1x Numenera RPG: Starter Set (MKG 132OH20) for free!

Buy 1x Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary 2 Hardcover (P2) (PZO 2104) and receive 1x Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary Hardcover (P2) (PZO 2102OH20) for free!
Buy 1x Starfinder RPG: Alien Archive 2 Hardcover (PZO 7109) and receive 1x Starfinder RPG: Alien Archive Hardcover (PZO 7105OH20) for free!

Buy 2x of a selected title below and take an additional 5% off!

Godspeed (PAN 201906OH20)
Ctrl (PAN 202007OH20)
The Mind Extreme (PAN 202007OH20)
Sonora (PAN 202005OH20)
Silver & Gold (PAN 201910OH20)

Take an additional 5% off the following products:

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire Expansion (PLG 1211OH20)
Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North - Barbarian Hordes Expansion (PLG 1234OH20)
Detective: Season One (PLG 1911OH20)
Detective: Dig Deeper Expansion (PLG 1933OH20)

Take an additional 5% off the following product:

Advent Dice Calendar by Q WORKSHOP (QWS ADC101OH20)

Buy 6x Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul Kar (REO 9100), receive 1x case of expansions FREE! Elgible expansions to select are:

Fireball Island: Spider Springs Expansion (REO 9019OH20)
Fireball Island: Wreck of the Crimson Cutlass Expansion (REO 9101OH20)
Fireball Island: Last Adventurer Expansion (REO 9102OH20)
Fireball Island: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bees Expansion (REO 9103OH20)

For each title below, buy 2x copies and get 1x free copy!

Terror Below (RGS 00878OH20)
Reykholt (RGS 00848OH20)
Scott Pilgrim`s Precious Little Card Game (RGS 00575OH20)
Spell Smashers (RGS 00831OH20)
Wardlings: Campaign Guide (RGS 01150OH20)

Take an additional 5% off the following products:

RPG Dice Set (7): Rainbow Translucent Resin (SDZ 0001-10OH20)
RPG Dice Set (7): Green, Blue Translucent (SDZ 0002-05OH20)
RPG Dice Set (7): Tahitian Sunset (SDZ 0003-02OH20)
RPG Dice Set (7): Violet Betta (SDZ 0004-01OH20)
RPG Dice Set (7): Polyroller (SDZ 0004-04OH20)

When you buy 1x Munchkin: Munchkin Warhammer 40K - Retailer Bundle (SJG 3944OH20) get a bonus! 1x shiny copy of Munchkin! Use this foil box edition as a prize, as a demo set, or sell it this holiday season!

Take an additional 50% off the following products:

Guardian`s Call (SKY 3495OH20)
Sorcerer City (SKY 3770OH20)
Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest (SKY 4248OH20)

Buy 1x SUPERFIGHT: The Card Game Core Deck (SKY 432), get 1x SUPERFIGHT: The Orange Deck (SKY 423OH20) for free!

Take an additional 5% off the following products:

Cutthroat Caverns: Anniversary Edition (SND 0047OH20)
Wooly Whammoth (SND 0068OH20)
The Deadlies (SND 0070OH20)
Shobu (SND 1005OH20)
Cindr (SND 1006OH20)

Take an additional 5% off the following products:

My City (TAK 691486OH20, Preorder)
Aqualin (TAK 691554OH20)
Legends of Andor: The Liberation of Rietburg (TAK 691746OH20)
Imhotep: The Duel, 2 Player Game (TAK 694272OH20)
Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island (TAK 695133OH20, Preorder)

Take an additional 10% off when you purchase one Technique Paint (TAP WP8902-10OH20) *AND* one Tool & Accessory (TAP TL5901P2-10OH20) Rack!!

Take an additional 5% off the following products:

The Army Painter Tool & Accessory Rack (TAP TL5901P2-5OH20)
The Army Painter Technique Half Rack (TAP WP8902-5OH20)

Take an additional 5% off the following products:

Last-Second Quest (WZK 87509OH20)
Gates of Mara (WZK 87511OH20)
Meeple Towers (WZK 87517OH20)
Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade (WZK 87520OH20)
Seastead (WZK 87521OH20)